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26.09.2021 | BOOK

Books, since they have existed, have been carefully cared for, kept in wonderful libraries, but also maltreated and destroyed. During secularisation, hollow ways were filled up with monastery libraries, in the "Third Reich" books were burned.
Hardly any other cultural asset has been so highly valued and so neglected at the same time as the book, until today.
Books can be very valuable, have a high information value, can change history and destinies, can be exciting, entertaining, or dull and empty. A treasure - or just a pack of bound paper.
Some books would have been better never to have existed - others have given new courage to live.
This is how one must approach the subject of books, compassionately and seriously, but also cheerfully and with humour.

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09.06.2008 | PAPER

Mediating between concept and observer, conveying a message, element of mediation.
Paper, familiar vehicle for words, signs, pictures, common, sophisticated used, spoiled,
consumed, thrown away carelessly. Every day. In large quantities.

Material that does not command respect, nor inspires awe like stone, bronze... lacking hardness
and durability to resist wind and weather. And yet it possesses fascinating qualities: lightness, sensitivity, vulnerability and at the same time the capacity to stand the centuries provided it is protected and carefully handled by man.

Qualities ascribed to humans rather than those of metal and stone. A texture resembling cast-off skin, thin, fragmentary, tale of the person it belonged to. Message to an unknown addressee. Message on man, made from pulp, from a newly created virgin sheet that can easily be destroyed by carelessness, like any of us.